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A woman using a Meta Quest 2 with Beat Saber in the background. 1
The 10 Best Exercise Games On Meta Quest 2

From exploring immersive worlds to receiving guided workout routines, the best fitness games on the Meta Quest 2 take exercise to the next level.

Male Eivor from Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil 2 remake and Rose Archer from Close to the Sun 1
What New Games Are On Game Pass & What Games Are Leaving (January 2024)

Microsoft is adding 10 new titles to its Game Pass subscriptions in January 2024 however, five titles are being removed.

Female V and Solomon Reed with an Adam Smasher silhouette in the background from Cyberpunk 2077.  1
One Cyberpunk 2077 Change Makes The Game Harder, But So Much Better

Cyberpunk 2077's 2.1 update has made one aspect of the game much harder but greatly improves its portrayal of Adam Smasher in the process.

A silhouette of someone with tied-up hair on a background that looks like a wrapped present. Attached to the bow on the background is a tag that reads,  1
Claim This Epic Games Store Free Mystery Game For January 3

The Epic Games Store is continuing its holiday celebration with yet another free game giveaway on January 3, this time a stealth action adventure.

A Game Based On One Popular Manga Series May Be Coming In English Soon - Luffy from One Piece, Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter, and Goku from Dragon Ball, pictured in a collage. 1
A Game Based On One Popular Manga Series May Be Coming In English Soon

Most popular Shonen series have seen English language video game releases. One previously overlooked hit could see a new game localized outside Japan.

How To Remove Villagers In LEGO Fortnite 1
The One (Mean) Way To Remove Villagers In LEGO Fortnite

Removing a Villager in LEGO Fortnite is fairly easy, but players should first consider other options to unlock more settlement space for new friends.

Pokemon TCG Temporal Fates with Iron Leaves and Walking Wake 1
What Pokémon TCG Expansion Is After Paldean Fates In 2024

Pokémon TCG’s next expansion, Paldean Fates, releases at the end of January, and Trainers won’t have to wait long for another set to follow.

GTA Online Art with Many Characters Both from the Story Missions and Individual Customization Art 1
How To Increase Your Stats In GTA Online

Stats in GTA Online can be individually increased to create a customized character with various abilities that let you make your mark in Los Santos.

How To Beat Sierra In Pokémon GO (January 2024) 1
Tips & Tricks To Beat Sierra In Pokémon GO (January 2024)

Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra returns for trainers to face in Pokémon GO this January 2024 and using the right line-up is key to winning.

Genshin Impact's Albedo poses in the middle, extending his hand, as light emanates from him. 1
Genshin Impact 4.5 Leaks Reveal New Banner Characters

Even though Version 4.5 is still a ways away from arriving, there are already leaks regarding the upcoming characters in Genshin Impact.

How To Beat Arlo In Pokémon GO (January 2024) 1
How To Beat Arlo In Pokémon GO (January 2024)

Trainers can once again face off against Team GO Rocket's Arlo in Pokémon GO this January 2024 and with the right team, he can be easily defeated.

An Owlbear and Raptor in  1
Using This Baldur's Gate 3 Ability At The Wrong Time Has Unexpectedly Hilarious Results

Magic offers a lot of opportunities in Baldur's Gate 3, but sometimes it's the unintended side effects that prove to be the most memorable.

Paper Mario, with Bowser looking at a picture of Peach through the window of a house. 1
The Mario Remake You've Been Waiting For Is Probably Coming Sooner Than You Thought

Although the exact release date of the Paper Mario: TTYD remake has yet to be announced, one piece of evidence suggests it's releasing early in 2024.

Xueyi reaches her hand out as the background behind her dissolves into a blur of pink dust. 1
Honkai: Star Rail - Xueyi Character Builds (Light Cones, Relics, Team Comps)

Xueyi is a new 4-Star Destruction character in Honkai: Star Rail whose kit revolves around reducing Toughness and building a follow-up attack.

The Finals Character Shooting Gun in Unique Outfit to Earn XP for Battle Pass 1
5 Fastest Ways To Earn XP In The Finals

The rewards you get in The Finals is tied to how much XP you can earn to increase your Season Level the fastest for the game's Battle Pass system.

January 3rd 2024 Wordle answer grid with a ballet dancer twirling in the background 1
Today's Wordle Answer & Hints For January 3, 2023 (Puzzle #928)

January 3rd’s Wordle answer is quite difficult to solve and could cause many players to lose their daily streaks.

Ness from Earthbound in front of a backdrop of a house from the game. 1
This Classic Nintendo RPG Deserves A Remake For Its 30th Anniversary In 2024

Nintendo tends to play favorites a little too often, and one title deserves a proper spotlight after receiving mostly haphazard attention for years.

A human and a tiefling with fire-red complexion are centered. Behind them are a monster with one huge eye and rows of razor-sharp teeth, and a dog and cat. 1
Baldur's Gate 3's Best Companion Isn't A Companion At All

Baldur's Gate 3 has a strong variety of distinct companion characters, but they aren't the only ones worth inviting to the party in the campaign.

An image of Sebastian looking annoyed and a cut-out of a female Hogwarts Legacy character in the middle of speaking. The left side of the image has a red tint and the right side has a green tint. 1
Hogwarts Legacy: Should You Tell Sebastian The Truth?

Hogwarts Legacy’s “In The Shadow of the Undercroft" quest has Sebastian pushing for answers, and the player must choose between honesty or secrecy.

PowerWash Simulator: How To Play With Friends (Multiplayer Guide)

Now players can join together in multiplayer to tackle jobs and wash away grime in PowerWash Simulator's cross-platform play mode.

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